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So, what is a mailing list? Well, mailing lists are remarkably simple beasties: you send a piece of e-mail to the list's address, and the list retransmits that message to everyone who is subscribed. In this case other people interested in MacKenzie/McKenzie genealogy for anytime or any place.

Just send an email to that contains (in the body of the message) the word "subscribe". Please note that there should be NO quotes around subscribe and the word subscribe should be the ONLY thing in the body of the message. Ya, if you use a signature file delete it before you hit the old send button!

I have subscribed, now what!

Send a message to the mailing list at Let us know your comments and questions. You only use the "" address when you want to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Ok, I subscribed and don't like it!

Send a message to that contains (in the body of the message) the command "unsubscribe" with no additional text and NO quotes around unsubscribe.

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