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You can add you Breese Family genealogy information to this site. There are a few requirements and a FAQ page that you should review before completing the following form.     To add you data please complete the form and send your GEDCOM file by postal mail or E-Mail.   (Almost all genealogy programs support exporting to GedCom format, please check your software documentation)      If you have any questions please send me an email or include your question  in the other comments section of the form. 
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Many individuals use computer at their local libraries and do not have E-mail address.   These individuals may ask for a address to write for further information. Please complete the following section regarding how to handle your address information.

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The software that I use to create the surname and people pages is generated from a GEDCOM file that you will need to send me.  Please complete the following section regarding you GEDCOM file.

What is your GEDCOM file name?
How will you send your GEDCOM file?
What program did you use to generate the GEDCOM file?
Do you want to show notes included in your GEDCOM file?
I need the wording for the  text of the your main page.  This should include information about you line of the Breese family and any other information that you want to include.  You can provide this information in several formats (MS Word, plain text or HTML) and sent the file with you GEDCOM file.  The other method to provide the information is to complete the following text box:
I will provide the text by:
Enter you main page text here:

If you have any special instructions, request or questions, please use the following text box:

John Breese McKenzie
3156 Manor Avenue
Walnut Creek, CA  94596

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