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05.25.02 Researchers Added Linda M. Nevin and Kathy (Breese) Donovan to page two of Researchers. 
06.03.01 Sketches Added sketch of  Achilles Brees (1825 - 1893)Provided by Merlin Russell
06.03.01 Sketches Added sketch of  Silas Brees (1784 - 1885)Provided by Merlin Russell
06.02.01 Sketches Posted an update to the  sketch on John Brees (11.08.1738 to 03.24.1829). Provided by Merlin Russell
06.02.01 Researchers Added  Walter E Breese, III to page two of Researchers
06.02.01 Researchers Added  Rebecca Schildroth to page two of Researchers
06.02.01 Researchers Added Catherine Breese Gay to page two of Researchers
06.02.01 Researchers Added  Alan Toney to page two of Researchers
06.02.01 Researchers Added Yvonne Whittemore to page two of  Researchers
02.17.01 Genealogy Added gedcom file from Sandra Taylor related to the descendants of Luke Breese
01.30.01 Sketches Added Lemuel H. Breese submitted by Terry Breese
01.30.01 Sketches Added Charles Ogden Breese submitted by Terry Breese
12.30.00 Sketches Added the Family of Rev.  Abraham Pierson submitted by Ron Bloch
12.30.00 Wills Added a new section for wills. Wills of Hosea Breese 1788 - 1832, Wyllys Pierson 1728-1810, Rev. John Pierson 1689-1770.
10.09.00 Researchers Added Marian Breese Dawson to the page two of Researchers. 
10.08.00 Sketches Updated the Ulysses Brees Sketch with pictures of him and his wife.  In addition added pictures of his house in Horseheads and one showing a Breese reunion at his house. 
10.08.00 Cemeteries Added Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads, N. Y. 
10.08.00 Books Added The Breese Family In New Jersey
08.25.00 Sketches Added The coming of Abraham Wood and his wife Mary Breese Wood to Lansing
08.19.00 Sketches Added Sarah Breese (1788 - 1861) 
08.19.00   Added Researchers - Page 2
08.19.00 Researchers Added several new people on the researcher page 
08.13.00 About Added About This Site
07.20.00 Links Added Descendants of Moses BREES 
07.20.00 Genealogy Added Data submitted by Sheri Thomas - Surnames
01.13.00  Sketches Added sketch of  John Brees (1738 - 1829)
01.13.00 Researchers Added Jacquie McCurdy, Ken Owens, Jennifer Wilson, Renee Marticorena.
01.13.00 Other Added the "The Breese Centennial"
01.12.00 Sketches Added sketch of  Corydon Benton Breese (1841-1938)
01.12.00 Sketches Added sketch of Timothy Brees (circa 1751 - 1847) 
01.09.00 Researchers Added Susan Connerley
01.09.00 Researchers Added Terry A. Breese
01.09.00 Researchers Added Fred L Hammond
12.16.99 Other  Added  Reunion picture - Who are these people?
11.28.99 Sketches Added sketch of  Mary Breese (1774 - 1851).
11.27.99 Other Added Rev. Sydney Breese - "wishful thinking"
11.27.99 Researchers Added Sue Breese
11.20.99 Sketches Add sketch of Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791 - 1872) 
11.20.99 Genealogy Added Gedcom data submitted by Bill Orr
11.14.99 Cemeteries Added the Breesport Baptist Cemetery, New York, Breese surnames only. 
11.08.99 Genealogy Must current information added to my genealogy section (2165 files)
11.08.99 Researchers Added Dona Brees VanVoorst to the  researchers page
11.06.99 Books  Added new section -   Books and Pamphlets
11.06.99 Books  Added framework for the Personal Reminiscences of Sarah Breese Walker and introduction section.  
11.05.99 Books  Added  Part 5 and Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 to the Breese Monograph
11.02.99 Books  Added more pictures to the Pastorale section.
11.01.99 Books  Added the rest of Part 1 and Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 to the Breese Monograph
11.01.99 Researchers Added Bill Orr and Helen Ulrich to the researchers page
10.30.99 Books  Breese monograph - added first page and frame work for other pages
10.29.99 Books  Added more pictures to the Pastorale section.
10.28.99 Other Updated the Breese Family Traveling Library for 2000 events. 
10.24.99 Researchers Added information for Margaret Dequine
10.23.99  Sketches Changed html on Mary Ann Breese (1804-1898)
10.22.99 Books  Added several pictures to the Pastorale section.
10.22.99  Sketches Balemas Breese (1806 - 1887)
10.21.99  Sketches Phoebe Jane Breese (1823 - 1905)
10.20.99 Other Breese Family Coat of Arms
10.20.99 Other Old Breese family chart
10.01.99 Sketches Ancestors  of Catherine Breese

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