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Old  Family Chart


Dee Appleby sent me a copy of the following Breese family chart which has information about the Breese family that originally settled in Somerset County, New Jersey. By all accounts and appearance the chart is very old.  Based on the information written on the back of the chart it could date  back to the early 1800's.

It shows information about three brothers John, Henry and Cornelius.  These are the same three brothers addressed  in The Ancestry of the Breese Family which was written, in part, by Mr. Steuben Jenkins for a 1869 Breese family reunion held in Horseheads, New York.  Mr. Jenkins believes that John, Henry and Cornelius were descended form the Rev. Sidney Brees of Shrewsbury, England.  This chart, if accurate, would  show that the brothers were from Holland and  descendants of John Brees. 

Information from the front side of the chart (graphic file 249k)

John Brees -"emigrated from Holland - Three sons"
1. Cornelius *
1.1 John Brees *
1.2 Samuel Brees *
1.3 Moses Brees *
*   "All went to Virginia about the year 1790"
2. Henry Brees - "Went to the lower part of New Jersey before the Revolution"
3. John Brees
3.1  Samuel Brees
3.1.1 Willis Brees - " Wyoming, PA"
3.1.2 Daniel Brees  - " Wyoming, PA"
3.1.3 Lot Brees - " Wyoming, PA"
3.1.4 Henry Brees - " Wyoming, PA"
3.1.5 John Brees - " Wyoming, PA"
3.1.6 Ezra? Brees - " Wyoming, PA"
3.2 Henry Brees
3.2.1 Henry Brees - "Pennsylvania"
3.2.2 Hosea Brees - "Horseheads Flats, N.Y."
3.2.3 Jeremiah Brees - "Horseheads Flats, N.Y."
3.2.4 Joel Brees - "Horseheads Flats, N.Y."
3.2.5 John P. Brees - "Pennsylvania, Tioga County"
3.2.6 Stephen Brees - "Morris County, N.J."
3.3 John Brees
3.3.1  Elias Brees - "Horseheads Flats, N.Y."
3.3.2 Samuel Brees - "Horseheads Flats, N.Y."
3.3.3 Lewis Brees - "Horseheads Flats, N.Y."
3.3.4 Azariah Brees - "Horseheads Flats, N.Y."
3.3.5 Silas? Brees - "Horseheads Flats, N.Y."
3.3.6 John Brees - "Horseheads Flats, N.Y."
3.4 Azariah Brees
3.4.1 John Brees - "Baskenridge"
3.5 Stephen Brees
3.5.1 Bailey Brees -"Illinois"

Information from the back side of the Chart (graphic file 124K)

Jacob Aaron's act. of John Brees death  in Holland in 1821.  He says he died about 10 years before which would make his death about 1811.  was 82 years old when he died lived in Tetat 8 mile from Amsterdam, at the time of his death .


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