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Ancestors of Catherine Breese


Generation 2

John Brees(e)

Son of Sydney Breese and Miss Sedney

Birth 1713 Place: Shrewsbury, Salop, England

Death: 1803 Place: Basking Ridge, NJ

Married Dorothy Riggs

Children:  Sarah, John, Mary, Azariah, Esther, Anna, HENRY, Stephen, Samuel


Generation 3

Henry Breese 

Birth: 1753 Place: Basking Ridge, NJ

Death: 1835 Place Horseheads, Chemung, NY

Married Ruth Pierson

Children Ruth, Hosea, Mary, Stephen, John, Jeremiah, Joel, HENRY, Susan, Ackley, Nancy


Generation 4

Henry Breese

 Birth: 1783 Place: Dover, Morris, NJ

Death: 1870 Place: Pleasant Grove, PA

Married Phoebe Hayden

Children Mary Ann, Balemas, Willis, Elias, Joel, Israel, SILAS, Phoebe Jane, Louisa, Henry


Generation 5

Silas Breese

Birth 1820 Place: Washington Co. PA

Death: 1914 Place Greene Co. PA

Married Maria Jane Wolfe

Children Luther, Martha, ELYMUS FINLEY, Phoebe Celinda, Stephen Albanis, Israel Pierson, Nancy Marie, Henry Hershell, Lockey Lenora, Sarah Elizabeth, Silas Elsworth, George Brinton, Mary Louisa


Generation 6

Elymus Finley Breese

  Birth:  1846 Place:  Greene Co. PA

Death:  1930 Place:  Uppertenmile Cem. Prosperity, PA

Married Catherine Hoffman

Children William, Elzie, May, Franklin, JOSEPH HENRY, Margaret


Generation 7

Joseph Henry Breese

Birth 1877 Place:  Greene Co. PA

Death  1961 Place:  Elwood, IN

Married Icie Mae Morris

Children RICHARD ENLOW, Lillian, Roscoe, Frances Bethel, Henry Edgar, Verna Merl


Generation 8

Richard Enlow Breese

Birth:  1898 Place: Greene Co. PA

Death:  1970 Place: Elwood, IN

Married Sarah Ione Harting

Children Mary Louise, Richard Eugene, CATHERINE MARLENE


Generation 9

Catherine Marlene Breese (Gay)

Birth 1935  Place: Elwood IN

Married Leslie W. Gay

Children Diana Lynn, Deborah Lee, Dona Louise

 Submitted by Catherine Breese

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