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Mary Ann Breese (1804-1898)



Husband: Henry Brown
Birth: 1801
Death: 1839 Place: possibly September
Burial: Place: Alexander Union Cemetery; Athens, Ohio
Age At Death: 38 years
Father: Elijah Brown (1766-1857)
Mother: Elizabeth (1773-1854)
Marriage: 1830 Place: Washington Co. Pennsylvania
Wife: Mary Ann Breese
Birth: 11 Dec 1804 Place: New Jersey (prob. Mendham)
Death: 25 Mar 1898 Place: Athens Co. Ohio
Burial: Place: Alexander Union Cemetery; Athens, Ohio
Age At Death: age 94 years
Father: Henry Breese 3rd (1783-1870)
Mother: Phoebe Hayden (1785-1874)
Other Spouses Israel Day
1. M Child: Elijah Hayden Brown
Birth: 1831 Place: Washington County, Pennsylvania
Spouse: Martha A. Dickerson
Marriage: 29 Jan 1862 Place: Athens Co. Ohio
2. F Child: Phoebe Jane Brown
Birth: 2 Jul 1834 Place: Ohio
Death: 2 Jan 1916 Place: Ada, Hardin Co. Ohio
Burial: Place: Alexander Cemetery, Athens, Ohio
Occupation: Seamstress
Spouse: never married
3. F Child: Louisa J. Brown
Birth: 11 Jul 1835 Place: Athens Co. Ohio
Death: 30 Jun 1909 Place: Nelsonville, Athens Co. Ohio
Burial: Place: Nye Cemetery, Chauncey, Athens Co. Ohio
Spouse: Albert G. Shaffer
Marriage: 11 Jan 1860 Place: Athens County, Ohio
4. M Child: Henry B. Brown
Birth: 1838 Place: Athens Co. Ohio
Death: 6 Jul 1860 Place: Athens Co. Ohio
Spouse: Mary A. Miller
Marriage: 6 Jul 1860 Place: Athens, Ohio
5. F Child: Mary Ann Brown
Birth: 1840 Place: Ohio
Spouse: Hiram L. Baker
Husband's Notes...
Appraisal of Henry Brown estate was 2 Oct. 1839
Sale of personal property on 2 Nov 1839
Henry Brown, died in 1839, shortly before the birth of his daughter, Mary
Ann, leaving his widow with five children, ranging in ages from newborn to seven years.
Mary Ann Breese Brown married again in March 1841 to Israel Day.
She is buried by the name of Mary Ann Brown.
Wife's Notes...
Census records, Athens, Athens Twp. Ohio, for: 1840-50-60-70-80.
Microfilm of Early Athens Co. marriage records, for date of marriage of Mary Ann to Israel Day.
Cemetery records compiled by W. E. Peters, on record at U of Ohio at Athens.
Minnie Breese, niece of Mary Ann, said her mother told her that Mary Ann, when standing, had hair that reached the floor. I think I have picture.
Probate record for Henry Brown.
Family info from Eileen Shemenski (1977-78)
Civil War records for Balemas Day.
Death certificate for Phoebe Jane Brown.
Personal visit in 1976 to Alexander Cemetery, Athens, Ohio
Letter with records for Cemetery Sexton

Provided by Dee Appleby

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