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Revolutionary War


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Henry Brees

Various PA, NY

Information regarding Henry’s service is documented in his testimony given will while applying for a pension. He appeared in the court at Elmira, Tioga County, New York (now called Chemung County) on September 4, 1832 at 78 years of age. Henry applied for a pension established by the 1832 revolutionary war pension act. I have copies of the actual documents generated during this process and have summarized his testimony below:

At Basking Ridge, Somerset County, New Jersey he entered as a volunteer in a Company of Militia commanded by Caption Platt Bailey, in which Lt. William Cummings was Ensign and Peter Van Deventer orderly sergeant, for term of one year in the fall of 1775.

He continued in like service from 1776 until September 1778 under Captions Kilpatrick, Parker and Moffatt of the New York militia. He was with detachments of his said Company, which was "much employed in pursuit of deserters". He entered Wagon service in September 1778 under Wagon Master General Mifflin - Henry Southard in command.

"I furnished himself with a wagon and four horses and was engaged in this for 16 months until February or March 1780" He further stated that his wagon service was under Jonathan Pennington and the John P. Brees of Elmira, Tioga County, New York can testify on service (Henry’s brother).

Afterwards he served "in militia service 1780-1781-1783." "I was under frequent calls for short periods but so often renewed as to make in almost constant services. He could not state the names of his captains as the as the militia were generally called out in portions from various companies and organized under different officers after arriving at the place of rendezvous. Generally he was under command of Major William Davidson in the regiment commanded by Col. William Frelinghuysen. In the various services he was engaged for more than three years, exclusive of his 16 month in the wagon service. He was not engaged in any battles. He was paid 160.00 dollars (arrears of $120; semi annual payment of $40)

His daughter, Susan Young, 56 years old, of Conhocton, Steuben County, New York applied for pension June 4, 1852. She states her father died July 3, 1835: her mother Ruth died March 27, 1833. They were married in 1774. Susannah was not granted any rights to her father’s pension.

John Brees

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